My dogs have had the same nylon collars since we adopted them. These custom collars were a birthday gift and they are simply beautiful! I’m confident they will last for multiple years. I was nervous that they wouldn’t fit or that I didn’t measure right, but they got it perfect just from my brief description of their names and neck size. I actually live less than an hour from this place, so now I know where to go for customized leather products!

annapopp58 on Oct 24, 2020

I was very excited by all of the custom options available, I was surprised that the item was completed and shipped as fast as it was due to the fact it is custom and the fact we are getting close to Christmas. I am very pleased with the quality, this is going to be a Christmas present for my sweetheart

kellywschroeder on Oct 26, 2020


This product is beautiful and I envision using it for years to come. It is versatile and can be used for note taking, journaling, jotting down to do lists, or daily diary/planner purposes, etc. I’ve set mine up with some dividers so I have different sections to use for different purposes. If you love leather and stationary, journaling or planners, you will love this product! Daniel is also a pleasure to work with! I hope to purchase from this shop again and certainly encourage anyone considering purchasing an item from Daniel, especially the A5 planner/binder(!!!), to take that plunge and go for it!

Jennifer on Jul 9, 2020

Your collar literally saved my dogs life. He is a 17lb terrier and he was attacked by a 75lb pit-bull. As you probably know, pit bulls go for the throat. Lucky my dog, Chief, had on your collar. The collar was mangled but he didn't have a single puncture wound on his neck. Thank you for the quality and workmanship of your product!

Jessica and Christopher Schroeder

My lanyard is now my favorite part of my uniform! Responses were very fast and the work is high quality. Daniel made sure to acknowledge my note and let me know where the item was in the process all along the way!

liviagalli on Jul 1, 2020

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