Hello, my name is Daniel Foytik. I've been fascinated with leather since I was a kid (not that long ago:) I grew up in a little remote town in Siberia where you could not buy any toys even if you had money. We used to make our own. As long as my Grandfather was a saddle maker I had an unlimited access to all sorts of leather, so I used it to make anything what a little boy could imagine. Time passed, a lot of things changed but my love affair with leather and passion to create grew only stronger. My goal is not just make money, I want to share with you my skills, my style, my life experience - to share with you that positive energy and creativity what made me a person I am now.
Even though my life is not a fairy tale. In 2004 I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis disease. In simple words my joins are fusing together due to inflammation caused by immune disorder. My everyday life is full of pain, fatigue and stress. The only thing which keeps me going it's you my loyal customers... Every time you leave a nice feedback, I know - I just have no right to give up. I have something to live for... I've got something to share and I will carry on until I won't be able to hold a tool in my hand...

Thank you,
Daniel Foytik