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Natural leather conditioner to restore moisture and give any leather product it's original shine. It conditions, restores, protects and prolongs the life of the leather, softens, moisturizes and promotes flexibility leaving your leather feeling and looking beautiful! This listing is for one, 0.5 oz tin of handmade leather balm. It includes a mixture of 100% natural and organic oils and waxes. The oils and beeswax compliment the leather nicely, and also makes it water proof. It will not darken the color of the leather. >>> No Petroleum, No Chemicals, No Paraffin. All Natural & Organic Oils, Non-Toxic and Long-Lasting leather conditioner. Time-Tested Ingredients in a small Small Batch produced in Charlottesville VA. USA >>> Size 0.5 oz tin is approximately 1.3" inches (35mm) diameter x 0.5" (14mm) tall. This 0.5 oz tin should be enough to cover a medium-sized leather item 2-3 times. >>> Apply to any vegetable tanned leather item to help preserve and prevent drying out. Re-apply as necessary. Brush off any dirt from your leather first. Apply conditioner to a clean cloth. Rub an even layer onto your leather. Use a clean section of the cloth to buff the conditioner off Wait 15min+ and enjoy the softness of your leather Thank you for looking, please contact me if you have any questions! Daniel