Personalized Keychain Leather, COVID 19 survivor

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Custom Personalized Leather Keyring, 100 % Handmade in the USA. This custom text Key Chain is a perfect personalized gift, memorabilia to commemorate 2020 events!
Beautiful hand stamped keychain, hand crafted from quality leather, features custom personalization and image stamp of your choice.

>> Personalize your key fob by choosing your stain color!!! Send me a convo with the details of your order :)

>> COLOR Please use the drop down menu to select the Stain color

>> STAMP Please use the drop down menu to select an image stamp - see the preview images. By default I will use a Ribbon stamp ;)

>> TEXT Please write your text/name/date/initials (up to 40 letters )
Note that we will stamp them exactly as you provide them.
>>>There is a 40 character limit including spaces on this size key chain.

the leather part of the keychain is 4,5 x 0.75 inches, but the size can vary depending on the size of your custom text
Text wrap around the turn in the leather so it will stretch over both sides.

Unfortunately leather cannot be stamped on the inside, the back is suede and can't be stamped also you can see the impression of the stamping from the front.

>> Made from premium vegetable tanned leather, a natural tanning process involving natural materials to imbue the leather with a firm feel. It makes leather products hard, sturdy.
Vegetable tanned leather has the amazing quality where it will take in colours, feeling, scratches, and shine to become an extremely personal product with a lot of character. This piece will become uniquely yours after a very short amount of time. The edges are coated and polished.

>> Leather care FAQ <<
Each skin of leather can vary greatly due to the thickness of the skin, the scars and hair follicles that are a natural part of each hide. Your piece can vary from what you see in the listing.
Scratches, different tones, and different shades of our basic colors show up on each hide that we get. We believe it makes each piece unique and special.
Leather absorbs the dye as different rates in different parts of the skin, giving the leather a variation in colour. So the products will all be similar but with slight variances in shade.

The leather is finished with a water-resistant varnish, it is not waterproof!
Water itself is not harmful to leather however, constant soakings in water, floats the oils out of the leather through the pores, causing leather to become stiff when dry if not treated and may case some discolouration. Please, do not immerse your leather in water for any length of time.

Thank you for looking, please contact me if you have any questions!

I am happy to do custom orders!